Traveling and having an exchange student experience is a dream of many. However, along with this dream there is always that concern about the arrival and the first days. The fear of getting lost in the city, of not being able to get to school or returning to the homestay always exists. Thinking about that RC Transfer Canada has created the 'RC Welcome Torontou' an advisory service that will make you feel more comfortable and secure upon your arrival.

“Welcome Toronto” was created to assist

you in the following:


On the purchase of the PRESTO card that is used in the public transit system that includes the subway, busses and street cars. Still at the subway station we passed all the information of how everything works as well as schedules;

Choosing the best way to and from the school using the public transportation system;

Choosing and purchasing the best option of mobile phone SIN card;


Talking about the main touristic sights of the city and how to get there;


Helping and assisting when opening a bank account in a Canadian bank, if necessary;

We still give you general tips on gastronomy, leisure and places to shop;

That way we believe your arrival will be more peaceful and your exchange experience even
more perfect. Always count on the RC Transfer Canada team!

Jeff Rasley