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City Tour Packages

Known for its many roller coasters is one of the most visited places in Canada during the summer season. The theme park is located 40 minutes from downtown Toronto and also
has a children's theme park area with Snoopy's gang, Charlie Brown and a water park area with several attractions.

Canada’s Wonderland

Bluffs Park - Zoo  

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[Miriam Beard] 



The Falls of Niagara Falls are known worldwide as one of the wonders of the World. In addition to Niagara Falls, the itinerary includes stops in the city of Niagara-on-the-lake, wine regions, and extra time for shopping at the Premium Outlet.

One of the most vibrant cities in North America. In the city tour we pass by museums, architectural icons such as the famous CN Tower, Casa Loma and Royal Ontario Museum as well as several parks.


Toronto's East region has many parks and beaches. Our screenplay includes stops at Crescent Park, Bluffes Park and Bluffer's Park Beach. In the afternoon we spend our time at the Toronto Zoo, with lots of activities.